Sometimes you wish there was someone on your team that had the smarts and the skills to address the tough questions.

Highly developed
transferable skill sets

Our background is diverse and multifaceted and includes:

  • Academic research
  • Government management
  • Entreprenual experience
  • Financial management


We construct our own models in house from scratch and to your specifications.

Data Analytics

We construct data analysis and visualization products designed to meet your needs by implementing sophisticated business intelligence tools.


Attacking business puzzles is what we live for. We also provide employee development and contracting assistance.


This is not our first rodeo

Our successes have been the successes of our peers and professional contacts. We have won because they have won.

VR Law Firm Dr. Garcia was my first phone call when we decided to open our law firm. He walked us through the steps of getting off the ground and has provided valuable strategic insight throughout. We make it a point to bring in Whitewing Analytics to provide employee development sessions each year.

CrowdJamz Whitewing Analytics has taken CrowdJamz’s financial ideas from concept to reality. After working with Dr. Garcia, CrowdJamz was able to secure its first seed investment.

Edna Z. Sergio's life coaching has motivated me to construct a financial plan for my daughter's college future and has given me greater inner strength at work during a period of institutional transition.