If you are not learning, you are falling behind


At Whitewing Analytics, we believe that maintaining a push on the horizon of knowledge allows us to not only stay sharp on our analytical skills but allows us the opportunity to assist the global community by providing and employing academic research into the public domain.

To that end, we encourage every team member to search for interesting topics, not limited to economics, finance and data analytics, and publishing academic articles on the subject. Some of our more interesting and recent work includes:

  • Akindayomi, A. and S. Garcia. (2014). ”Drug violence in Mexico and its impact on the fiscal realities of border cities in Texas: Evidence from Rio Grande Valley counties.” Public and Municipal Finance 3(1).
  • Mellado, C. and S. Garcia (2014). ”The Effects of the Latin American Integrated Market (MILA) on the foreign exchange of Colombia, Peru and Chile.” American Journal of Economics 4(2A): 42-50.

Works in Progress

  • Garcia, Sergio, Mellado, C., and Escobari, Diego. “Detecting Equity Bubbles in Latin America using Recursive GSADF models”
  • Garcia, Sergio. “Identifying Price Bubbles in Ethanol and Corn Futures with GSADF methodology”
  • Garcia, Sergio and Simpson, J. “Terrorism and Foreign Direct Investment: The Role of Resources”
  • Garcia, Sergio and Escobari, Diego. “Ethanol Hedging Strategies using Multivariate GARCH”


Teaching others is at the heart of this firm's work. To that end, we make efforts to teach and construct courses both formally and informally in traditional and informal settings. Some of the courses we have taught, assisted in teaching or created include:

  • Investment Principles
  • Econometrics
  • Statistical Foundations
  • Stata Programming